The Top 10 Reasons to Give

Since 1997, Arts In Reach (AIR) has empowered teenage girls through an inclusive creative community, integrating the arts and innovative mentoring. Read more to learn about what we do and why your contributions matter.

1. Resiliency

96% of alumnae say AIR develops coping skills and improves their ability to find and create support systems.

2. Confidence

82% claim that AIR builds self-confidence.
AIR Gave Me Confidence
AIR Helped Me

3. Self-Advocacy:

88% learn to advocate for themselves.

4. Prevent Risk Factors:

84% learn to manage anxiety and depression, 66% avoid substance use, 75% quiet suicidal thoughts.

5. Leadership:

96% develop their ability to take on leadership roles.

6. Skills for Success:

98% of alumnae say AIR improves creativity, goal setting, communication, critical thinking, problem solving, and the ability to work as a team.
New Hampshire's Suicide Rates
The US Voter Turnout

7. Healthy Relationships:

94% value their relationships with adult mentors.

8. Civic Engagement:

75% of alumnae voted in the last two years.

9. Community Service:

55% continue to do volunteer community service in 2020.

10. Enduring Impact:

90% of alumnae graduate from high school, compared to 73% of lower-income NH students. Over 75% attribute their pursuit of post-secondary education to AIR.
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in teenage girls’ lives today. We appreciate your continued support!