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2010 Fall “Phenomenal Women” by Natalie

Phenomenal Women

If you look at me you’ll believe I’m living life in the fullest and succeeding in my dreams but I scream every night to release the pain, release the stress of everyday life cause I strive too hard to reach my goals.

I got to get somewhere, be somebody like I’m always told.

I got the pressure of the family cause all they want is to see me complete their never ending dreams and I scream some more cause besides the pressure coming from them I got my love life in a tangle, feel like I’m in a rosebush with thorns being strangled

can’t breathe

can’t think

don’t know what I’m going to do with this stress

feel like I got everybody’s problems weighed upon my chest and I’m stressed, stressed because of all your lies, stressed because I feel tired, tied down to the obligations of the world but I’m only one girl.

One girl that’s hurt deep, deep enough to make her wish everyday of her life she were dead but the only traces of her pain are sunk within the bed she lays because she decides to hold her fake image
a picture where everything in it is perfect including her so when you look at her next time know that she is hurting within because she feels like she can never win.

So she lays on her bed with her head towards the window thinks’ to herself and writes in her journal.

Cause’ it’s the only thing that will listen.

But this time she’s sick of the negative and thinks of the positive.

So she starts to write about one thing, the music that keeps her on her feet because it gives her life a certain beat
a beat she can call her own.

So she writes with the beat of her soul because somewhere inside she knows
she is a phenomenal woman.

Because somewhere inside we all know we are phenomenal women.

Music engulfs our bodies
Each beat chases away all our fears.
One sway of our hips wipes away all the tears on our faces.
Cause we are no longer afraid to face life’s obstacles.
Cause we are phenomenal women.

We are women who stand for what we believe in.
We embody the beat within our hearts, our mind filled with hopes and dreams that will never be lost.
Cause’ when our life goes downhill
We breathe in the essence of life till our lungs are filled with everything that makes life beautiful.

Because one breath brings us to the realization that the obstacles we are facing are just another fork in the road because we know that we can reach our goals.

Those goals make our life’s map
a map we decide to fill with beauty
a world filled of love, dreams, hopes and never ending music.
Cause we’re moving to the rhythm of our hearts not letting life’s unexpected turns bring us down.

We hold our heads up high and smile to the world
because we are phenomenal women.


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