Advance on AIR

Our Advance on AIR (AOA) program provides community and meaningful, creative enrichment opportunities for young women and gender expansive young adults ages 16-22, who have completed at least three of AIR’s standard programs. Our Advanced AIR program includes:

  • Advanced workshops in performance, visual, and literary arts
  • Extended AOA programs in a variety of artforms
  • Program apprenticeship opportunities to mentor younger teens
  • Participation in community/state arts and culture events
  • Field trips to local performances, exhibits, lectures and workshops
  • Opportunities to volunteer for and participate in AIR events and special projects

Email [email protected] to learn more or to confirm program eligibility. Sign up to receive emails about upcoming AOA opportunities here.


Gender expansive youth and young adults 16-22 who have completed 3+ AIR programs


AIR offers several AOA opportunities per year.


Online and on location!


FREE of charge

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