Introducing the Original Characters of ArtWorks I

We thought the OCs of ArtWorks I deserved their own blog post. Scroll down to meet our characters! 

“Ruff” by Moira

Ruff’s full name is Ruckus Kerfuffle! He is a Gnome, has a pet rooster, and plays the mandolin! 

“Ivy” by Hannah

Ivy is a human from the planet Gia, which is located in a galaxy called The Outlands. Ivy became a shapeshifter- an ability she calls “identity crisis.”

“Dingo” by Aiyana 

Dingo is a Ca-Duck (cat and penguin hybrid) from Draco, the dark planet of Galaxy of Mystery. When they sense distress in another life form, they produce candy and soda. The candy and soda is SUPPOSED to be for the distressed, but Dingo likes to mess with them so they can have the snacks for themselves.

“Kirane” by Samantha 

Kirane (she/her) is a human. She loves singing and drawing, but is very bad at planning and time management.

“Mina Mirza” by Pakeezah 

Mina (she/her) is a water fairy. She’s also somewhat of a princess — she is the daughter of the east general who is a military figure of water fairies. She doesn’t socialize very often and prefers to glare at others from a distance.

“Tibett” by Kimberly 

He’s not human, but he’s a similar-looking species called Lecucian. He’s currently 247-years-young!

“Mailee Taylor” by Bayleigh 

Mailee  is a human with a sun sign in Cancer. She’s from New York and wants to be a cat more than anything!

“Ashley” by Mikel 

Ashley is an imaginary figure created to represent Mikel’s anxiety.

“Zydrate” by Brygida 

Zydrate is a nonbinary, patchwork, Frankenstein creature with features from a number of animals including eagle, human, kangaroo, goat, and cow. They are very self-conscious about their udder, so they wear long, flowy dresses. When they were younger they used to perform in a cabaret.

“Taffy” by Johanna 

Taffy (she/her) is a monster! She lived in a bog before being captured by a witch and kept as a pet. Taffy was OK with it though- she formed a strong bond with the witch!

“Elizabeth” by Sabby

Don’t let this smile fool you. “Elizabeth” is a monster seeking! 

“Top Hat Frog” by Zoey

Top Hat Frog is a young frog, with an old soul! He teaches etiquette to other frogs.

“Roux & Hecuba” by Grace 

Roux and Hecuba are sisters! Their personalities represent a balance of the forces of nature. Roux is more aloof and quiet, while Hecuba is direct, rough and loud. Roux represents the more beautiful side – butterflies and gracefulness. Hecuba is meant to represent the more wild and dangerous, scruffy side of nature.