Annie! The Musical 

Leapin’ lizards! This week our Advance on AIR teens attended a performance of “Annie! The Musical.” The large-scale production – part of an annual holiday collaboration between the Musical Hall and Ogunquit Playhouse – featured elaborate sets from the national tour, Broadway actors, and a live orchestra.

Our teens laughed and were captivated the entire show. All of the actors did a wonderful job transporting us to Christmas 1933, but for our teens, one actor stood out above the rest: Sandy, played by Macy the rescue dog! Macy stole the show with her cameos. She reaffirms the remark that there are no small parts, only small actors. The show ended with a full ensemble performance of “Tomorrow” and a magical “snowfall” over the audience (we later learned it was foaming soap). 

Immediately following the performance, our teens were given a behind-the-scenes tour by Production Managers, Zhana Morris (Music Hall) and Karen Parlato (Ogunquit Playhouse). Zhana and Karen answered a lot of our teens’ questions about set design and construction and the dynamics of running a show of this scale. Our teens had the opportunity to see Karen’s control booth and the green room, to witness just how much activity takes place in those small quarters. 

The Music Hall donated the tickets to Arts In Reach via their Give the Gift of Holiday Magic program. Thank you so much to the Music Hall for their generosity and for making professional productions such as these inclusive and accessible!