Advance on AIR: Floral Arrangement Workshop

Last week our Advance on AIR teens collaborated with the Piscataqua Garden Club to create over 25 floral arrangements! The floral arrangements were used to adorn the tables at our September fundraiser, Spirit of AIR

The workshop began with a demonstration by designer and garden club member, Jeannie. Jeannie emphasized the importance of variety and proportion in design, and noted that the use of an odd number of flowers is more pleasing to the eye (thank you, Fibonacci!). The teens also learned to consider a 360° view when arranging flowers. 

After the demonstration, the teens were encouraged to dive into designing! They had an array of native plants to choose from, including chrysanthemum, aster, sneezeweed and even celery stalks! This is the third year the Piscataqua Garden Club has generously donated their time and materials to work with AIR. Members of the club were on hand to assist the teens and to offer their expertise. They provided tricks of the trade, such as using large leaves as vase liners to conceal design construction, and using a grid of clear tape to keep flowers in place. 

We are so grateful for the Piscataqua Garden Club for their support and to the teens who added beauty and color to our event with their arrangements!