SummerWorks Series- ArtWorks 2

Artworks II was one art-filled week! The teens spent five days exploring the monotype, marbleizing paper, making their own paper, folding origami lanterns and investigating fundamental bookmaking techniques under the tutelage of artist, Cara Cabral.

One of the week’s most mesmerizing projects was the paper marbleization. The teens worked collaboratively to fill aluminum trays with shaving cream. They then utilized plastic droppers, liquid watercolors, skewers and toothpicks to twirl and whirl the pigment through the shaving cream. Once the design felt right, the teens pressed blank paper into their trays and squeegeed off excess shaving cream, revealing dreamlike prints.

Instructor, Cara Cabral, gives a marbleization demo

Teens stir in the paint to create original patterns

Lots of creativity on this table… and hands

Teens of ArtWorks II continuously got very focused on their projects

Raw paint on the shaving cream

Some finished products