SummerWorks Series- ArtWorks 1

In our ArtWorks I program last week, AIR teens explored nature as they captured media and composed writing inspired by the poet Mary Oliver. Teens were guided by themes of Oliver’s wonder and reverence for the natural world, passion for accessible art, and the complex relationship between humans and the natural world.

The group traveled to local outdoor spaces: Heron Point in Newmarket, Wagon Hill Farm in Durham, and Great Island Common in New Castle. In the field, teens spent time independently exploring and observing. They were guided in reading Mary Oliver’s work, learning how to apply writing techniques like personification, careful word choice and concise yet descriptive language. As they gathered photos and videos teens practiced skills from workshops on composition, perspective, triptychs, and varied ways to capture movement.

The teens in this program collaboratively created an instillation at the Newmarket Millspace to showcase their work in observing and capturing nature at the end of the week. Below is just a fraction of their work that was displayed in their instillation.