Poetry and Creative Writing Program

For the past two years Arts In Reach has run two different pilot programs in the Exeter area. Last year we ran a Mural Project program where teens painted an original mural at the Exeter YMCA. This year we created a Poetry and Creative Writing program that has been taking place at the Austin17House in Brentwood. Our Program Director, Becca Romanoski, has been doing an amazing job as our Lead Artist in this Poetry and Creative Writing program. Teens have been putting in some serious focus to learn and create different types of poetry. This program will conclude with a poetry reading at the Austin17House next Wednesday, June 5th, at 7pm. Come hear what they have been working on! Reserve your free ticket here!

One type of poetry they have learned is found poetry. To practice and learn this type of poetry teens had to cut out different types of words from magazines; helping words, words related to our year’s theme, and any extra nouns, verbs, or adjectives that stood out to them. Once everyone had cut out all of their words they put them all in a big bowl and chose 10+ words at random. Next, they had to create a poem with the words they received without altering them or adding any others. This activity lead to very creative and original poetry.


Finding their words in magazines



Here are some of the finished products from this found poetry activity…


“You are free from everyone of power.
Today dream with a true drive to be better”


“Life features extraordinary design
Meet company with charity
Deliver open care
Transform a future
There is a choice
Create art”


“Value a friend forever. Old new Past future”