Advance on AIR- Visual Art Workshop for HAVEN

This past weekend our Advance on AIR teens and staff worked with artist, Cara Cabral, to create art to decorate HAVEN‘s newly renovated shelter. We love having the opportunity to partner with other organizations on the seacoast, especially one like HAVEN that does such important work. We created abstract monotypes that we then embellished with mixed media. We explored additive, reductive and multi-layered print techniques, this was a two step process that encouraged the creators to think abstractly and just be free with their art. We began our day brainstorming some words that we thought would be good to remember while making art for a HAVEN shelter. The group came up with love, strength, joy, friendship, calm, courage, perseverance, hope, peace, kindness, support, and community. 


Cara teaching the group how to print

It is always exciting when a print comes out just how you wanted it… or better!

Sometimes art brings many smiles!!

Some of the finished pieces