Backstage Pass: Phenomenal Woman Project

The 2019 Phenomenal Woman Project Teens have been learning different methods of upcycling clothes. They have been hard at work designing, hand carving, and printing their original stamps. Teens have also began to learn different techniques of painting on fabric. They will continue to learn more and more ways to make recycled clothes their own and finish the program with a unique and personalized full outfit. The goal is to create outfits that relate to this years theme, Still We Rise: Cultivating Courage. Outfits that embody our courage and ability to rise above, outfits that make us feel comfortable and like our true selves.

Beginning stages of design often involve sketches

Once stamps are carved teens produced test prints on scrap fabric to make sure they were printing the way they hoped

Ink is applied to the stamps by brayers

Lead Artsist, Sam Paolini, teaching how to watercolor paint on fabric

Some teens decided to paint in the their stamped fabric

Others decided to freehand their watercolors

Others used the watercolor method as well as an opaque painting method to outline or enhance their watercolor painting

Testing out what they just learned

Adding more or less water to the fabric paint creates a more or less opaque result

Another mix of painting techniques