Advance on AIR teens, Alumni, and Staff completed a card making workshop this past weekend with the amazing Courtney Daniel. Courtney Daniel owns her own business, The Courtney Daniel Brand, and strongly believes in the power of a hand written note. After having Courtney as a guest artist during our ArtWorks program this past summer we knew we had to have her back! We had a fun Sunday afternoon filled with creativity, card making, cookies, and hot chocolate!

Our teens were prompted to write with gratitude and love. We all remembered that love can be celebrated in more than just a romantic love; love for your family, friends, community, and self. Thank you too all who came to create with us and to Courtney for sharing her art with us!

A great group who came together to spread gratitude and love.

For teens who are away at college or ones who have aged our of our regular programing, our advance on AIR workshops allow them to reunite with old friends and continue to create together.

Waiting for their hot chocolate to be ready!

Our Program Manager and our Program Directory baked and decorated some amazing cookies for the workshop attendees to enjoy!

Artist and business owner, Courtney Daniel, talks to the teens about how to share their voice and creativity through handmade and hand written cards.


AOA Teens, Alumni, and Staff working hard to create their cards.

The finished cards were amazing!