Our Performance Project program incorporates three different art forms; acting, dancing, and visual art. At the beginning of the program our teens choose which art form they would like to focus on. Teens in our acting group have been working hard learning from Theatre Director, Catherine Stewart, to write and rewrite a variety of different scenes. Our dancing squad has been down in the mirrored room learning all the creative and unique dance moves from the Choreographer, Sarah Duclos. The teens from our visual art group have been designing many props, set pieces, and costumes to help our show come alive with artist, Sam Paolini. All three of our teen groups and artists have been collaborating to make one amazing, cohesive, comedic performance for all who come to see it on the first weekend in February.

Can you guess what any of our props are going to be??

We are already staging our scenes!

Our dancers helping out the visual arts group!

Who’s hands are those?

Choreographer, Sarah, teaching some new moves.