At the start of every program our teens and staff make a group contract together. The contract is made up of every members expectation of themselves and the group while completing the program. Teens are given new guiding questions to help them think about what they should add to the contract. One question usually connects to our theme of the year, this year’s theme is, Still We Rise: Cultivating Courage. For our Performance Project group contract the students were asked these three questions…

  1. What are your expectations for the people in this group? How do you expect them to treat you and others?
  2. Do you ever wish you could act differently? What holds you back?
  3. How can our group cultivate courage and inspire others to  be courageous?

Here are some of the items that make up our Performance Project group contract…

“Try to be as open as you can to new ideas or ways things are presented”

“Care for the space” “Don’t judge people” ” Safe Space” “Team Work”