Amanda Reimers

Arts In Reach is in our 21st year, over the years we have served so many teen girls. We love to see our Alumni remain in our AIR community like Amanda Reimers has. Amanda was an AIR participant for four years during her teenage years.

Throwback picture of one of Amandas many AIR performances

Amanda and other AIR teens supporting each other

Amanda and friends having a grand ol’ time at AIR

When asked about her time at AIR Amanda talked a lot about the friendships she made. “I was pretty anxious and shy back then, I didn’t really have a whole lot of friends. When I started participating at AIR I got to know a lot of the girls and I really got along well with them. I have some friends from AIR from the first time I started that I am still friends with now.” A lot of our teens today say how AIR is like a family to them and how they know the friendships they have made at AIR will be around for a long time.

One of the girls Amanda met in AIR was part of her bridal party at her recent wedding

Amanda also said, “I always had a passion for music but at AIR I was able to grow my passion for music even more.” Amanda now comes back to AIR and works with our current teens to help grow their passion for music during out SongWorks program. She has worked as one of our Song Writing Mentors and has also been a Guest Artist and performed for our teens.