What does courage mean to you?

Answers from our ArtWorks Teens and Viewers

“Courage to me is something that pushes you to go out of your comfort zone for the greater good.”

“Courage means making the choice to do the right thing, even when it’s not the easiest.”

“Feeling terror and doing the terrible anyway.”

“Courage means to me that you are doing something brave or out of your comfort zone.”

“Courage- never being afraid to face yourself – alone, empty, scared and then BE OKAY with all of it.”

“To me courage mean to do something brave or that you wouldn’t normally do.”

“Trying to do what you are afraid of. Be kind to yourself if you fail the first time.”

“To me courage is rising above a challenge.”

“Courage to me… means facing fear and doing it anyway.”

“Courage to me means standing up for what is right and good, even if there are negative consequences or reactions to it.”

“Going out of your comfort zone and pulling through even if you’re terrified. It takes courage and braveness to do this.”

“Doing something even if you think you might fail.”

“Being yourself.”

“Courage means many things to me. But the one thing that stands out is to be able to overcome any challenge. And to be able to do something you wouldn’t normally do.”

“Courage means going for something even if it’s scary.”

“Courage means to face adversity – to stomach the unknown + uncomfortable in favor of what feels right and true.”

“It feels like I’m on top of the world when I rise above a challenge.”

“Courage: the first time I drove a car.”

“Courage is speaking up for an opinion you may not be scared of but still want to share in a crowd.”

What does courage mean to you?