The ArtWorks Teens were able to share their space and creativity with ten teens from Israel through the amazing organization, Friends Forever International. The teens completed a watercolor workshop lead by Priscilla French, an avid watercolor painter and member of the AIR Advisory Panel. Friends Forever International’s mission is to help build a better world by utilizing our most underutilized asset: youth. FFI works with communities around the globe to build the leadership abilities of their youth from diverse backgrounds to tackle local and global issues. We had an awesome morning with this group!

Priscilla French showing some of her own art work as examples

A very long table of artists!

Working hard on their sketches

Everyone at work

The teens used a mixture of inspiration, this teen used the live table flowers

Another use of the flowers on the table

This teen chose to go outside on the water to find their inspiration

In this painting tape was put over the white space to make sure none of the watercolor escaped the flowers