Glicka Kaplan

“I love supporting young women, I love being part of an organization that gives young women a voice in the arts.”

Glicka is the Board President of Arts In Reach and has been a member of the board since May of 2011. Glicka has been an amazing positive force on the AIR board and we are so excited to now have her as our Board President! She got involved in AIR through Missy Wilich, a parent of an AIR volunteer artist, Lexi. When she read up about the organization it sparked her interest and knew she wanted to get involved.

Glicka grew up taking ballet and tap lessons and began again when she moved to Portsmouth after college. She found herself attending many arts performances in Boston and Portsmouth, loving being able to immerse herself in the arts community that surrounded her. “One of my favorite yearly events was going to watch Alvin Ailey dance troupe through the Boston Celebrity series.”

When asked what AIR meant to her, Glicka said, belonging and learning. “AIR gives young girls a place to grow confidence, strength, and kindness while learning how to dance, sing, paint, draw, act, write, and digitally display. AIR helps young ladies make strong positive decisions and memories for themselves. How fun is that!! I’m all about the fun!!”

“Do the work no matter how hard it is and then, you can feel good about the work you’ve done!”