The teens of the Phenomenal Women Project got to go on another amazing field trip this past Friday. The group headed over to the Washington Mills in Dover to visit two print making studios. First the teens headed to meet artist Cole Gove, who owns his own amazing business called Tshirt Beardo. Cole showed the teens around his studio and also showed them how to use some of the equipment! Thank you again Cole for such an amazing field trip, please check out his work at

We also headed over to the Wrong Brain studio where our teaching artist, Cara Cabral, set up an amazing surprise for the Phenomenal Women Project teens!

Cole explaining the screen print process

Teens learned how to use one of the print machines and drew their own original drawings to scan into the machine. They could then print their drawings in many colors with many copies.

Some teens decided to use the light box to trace drawings that they had previously sketched at program

The printing process

Switching out the ink cartridge so teens could print in different colors

All the teens with their amazing prints!

The teens by their artwork that Cara had hung up in the Wrong Brain studio as a surprise!