Mary-Jo Monusky

“I used to be so concerned with what others thought of me, but I finally figured out that the most important opinion was my own.

Mary-Jo has been the Executive Director of Arts In Reach for five years. She went to college for business but has always had a passion for theatre and the arts. Mary-Jo has had an interesting career path that has made her position at AIR the perfect fit. “I worked in jewelry sales in NYC…I have owned my own businesses and served on different boards. I wanted a career change to the nonprofit world and heard about the position at AIR.”

Even though Mary-Jo is technically on the business side of Arts In Reach she still makes it to the first day of every program and attends every showcase. “My favorite memories are after the showcases.  I love seeing all the happy faces of teens and their families.” 

When asked what her favorite aspect of the arts was Mary-Jo said, “The arts have the ability to transport us to another world and broaden our horizons. Whether it is getting lost in making your own art or experiencing a performance, art can lift our spirits and connect us to others.”

With her love for the arts melded with her business experience,Mary-Jo has done amazing things for Arts In Reach, AIR is lucky to have her!

“No matter what happens in life, you can always start over and still be happy.”