Katie Lusa

“Many of us get caught up in planning for the future, but it’s equally as important to pay attention to where we are right now.”

Katie has been AIR’s Business Development Americorps VISTA for six months now. She found this position through her college career office at Stonehill College. Working with AIR stuck out to her because it gives teens an opportunity to explore the arts and empowers women. Katie has a Bachelor’s degree in Arts Administration with a Performing Arts concentration. She is passionate about gender studies as well “because it is a fundamental part of our identities and determines how we are taught to act around each other.” 

Katie has been involved in theatre and performing for the majority of her life, however with her Arts Administration degree she now gets the chance to “stay behind the scenes to help other people shine.” Katie has a lot of experience in the arts; she has performed, worked in the costume department, worked backstage, and has even had an internship at the Youth Music Theatre UK in London! When asked about her favorite aspect of the arts Katie said it was the sense of community the arts creates. “The group dynamics are different, but everyone involved in the arts, from the performers/creators to the managers to the audience are bonded together by the shared experience of the arts.”

Katie has been hard at work at AIR since the moment she started! She is the Executive Director, Mary-Jo’s go-to person and always does an excellent job assignment after assignment. It is a bummer that Americorp VISTA’s are only at their placement for a year! Keep up the amazing work Katie, AIR is lucky to have you on staff!

“AIR is a community where teens learn the value of their own voice”