Humans of AIR- Cara Cabral

Cara Cabral 

 “Life is too short to alter your self in anyway to fit the constructs of others or society”

Cara has worked with AIR for four programs over the past few years as a volunteer and as a visual artist. Cara is amazing at helping our teens turn their thoughts and ideas into stunning art. I mean, look at the giant monsters in the picture above. Cara was able to help the teens collaborate and take aspects of everyones sketches to make a monster that everyone was amazed by. Cara’s ability to motivate our teens to reach their full potential is what makes big projects like these monster puppets possible. AIR is so lucky to have Cara signed on to be our visual artist for our Phenomenal Women Project this upcoming spring.

Cara says that her favorite part of every program is the showcase. “The teens exude so much pride and confidence when observing – or performing in –  the culmination of their efforts. It is especially poignant from my perspective, because I’ve witnessed the artistic and interpersonal development over the course of the program.”

When asked who her role model was Cara kept it within the AIR community and said “I really admire Becca Romanoski, Program Director of Arts in Reach. I’ve known her for about ten years and it’s inspiring to see her in this role. She has this ability to act as a medium between instructor and teen. She intuits any sort of confusion (regarding instructions or projects) on their behalf, from both verbal or nonverbal cues, and via a simple rewording, she incites mass understanding. It’s amazing!”

“AIR is 100% by, for and about the teens”