Humans of AIR- Catherine Stewart

Catherine Stewart

“Create space for yourself in this world, and do it with respect, and generosity.”

Catherine Stewart has been working as a Theatre Director with Arts In Reach since 2014. Over the years she has brought brilliant ideas, endless creativity, radiant positivity and of course, a wonderful Scottish accent, to every one of the programs she has been a part of. Catherine is the current Theatre Director for our Performance Project that will be showcasing THIS Sunday, January 28th, at 4pm in the Newmarket Mill Space.

When asked what inspires her to pursue a career in the arts, Catherine said “Injustice in the world, that’s what really inspires me to create. I am a fortunate person, my experiences have been challenging, but overall I live a safe, and nourishing life. I want to ensure that I take that fortune and put it into a place where I can work to ensure others have lives who feel safe and nourished as well. In places where there is injustice or inequality – that is where I want to reside, and make work. In order to create change, with others.”

Our teens have more to offer than just their amazing artistic abilities at our programs. Catherine put it well when she said “I may be having a really rubbish day, not sure what I am doing in my career or whether I am making the most of my opportunities and skills but when I sit in that circle with the girls, I am reminded that I have the strength within me to do more, to be better, and to spread those ideas.”

“I don’t work at AIR, I play.”